Better Than New Furniture Repair

As seen on HGTV's Beyond Repair, Dan Oldejans and the experts at Better Than New Furniture Repair in Scottsdale, AZ are here to serve you!


Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair was formed in 1998 in a Scottsdale 900 square foot apartment living room with a tool box, a few hand tools and a brief case. Dan Oldejans with his recent art degree tucked under his arm went out to conquer the Phoenix refinishing and repair market...

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In 2007 Better Than New Kitchens was born, a kitchen refacing and refinishing division of Better Than New. News of this amongst local designers traveled fast and currently Better Than New Kitchens does as many as 30 kitchen remodels per year with a special refacing team devoted to the same caliber of excellence that Better Than New is known for in its furniture restoration work.

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Everyone always thinks of the woodworker as an older heavy set guy with a beard and an apron. Better Than New however was established first and foremost by artisans skilled in the trade of woodworking...

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Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair has branched out and advertised to attract the home consumer and also began doing full furniture refinishing and restoration. They take a piece from being ready for the dumpster back to a fully restored heirloom all in our Tempe, Arizona facility.

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